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Sykeside Camping Park

Lake District Camping. Stunning Views wherever you pitch

Great Views ? Yes. Great Bar ? Yes. Dog friendly ? Yes.


Surrounded by Dove Crag, Hart Crag, and Fairfield. Sykeside in the Dovedale Valley is an ideal spot for Lake District camping. With breathtaking views wherever you set up camp, the site offers the perfect location.

Scenic Lake District Camping.

Sykeside is a prime choice for walkers. Many footpaths start right at the doorstep, allowing a stroll around Brotherswater or a day’s hike up High Street. Whether exploring on foot or by car, the central location is ideal for discovering the Lake District and Cumbria. Fancy a relaxing hour or two ? Take in the great view of Dove Crag while enjoying a few pints at the Brotherswater Inn.

Pub at Sykeside, Lake District

The doors are open all year round for daring campers, except during the Christmas period. Embrace the challenge of ice-climbing or winter walking, or simply relax by the pub’s fireplace.

Real fire Lake District pub

Sykeside are happy to accommodate dogs. Our canine friends are welcome in the bunkhouse, campsite, bar and restaurant, and shop. The site asks that dogs remain on a leash and under control, ensuring the comfort of local animals.

Free WiFi is available in the Inn and other places around the site.


Skip struggling with tent setup when camping. Hire a Native American Tipi from Nomad, and they’ll handle it for you. Nomad will even take it down for you at the end of your trip.

Tipi in The Lake District

Tipis, often linked with Native American tribes, have been used in various parts of Asia and America. For over 500 years, these portable homes for nomadic tribes have retained their enchantment. Nomad Event’s Tipis use 100% water-resistant, fire-retardant, and rot-proof duck cotton canvas. This allows for a small fire inside to maintain warmth and comfort.

Brotherswater Lake

Enjoy a comfortable camping experience in a Native American Tipis at Sykeside. Nomad will provide you with your own designated space, granting you access to all of the camping amenities.

Environment Policy


Sykeside recycles glass, tins, paper, and cardboard materials.

Kindly sort your waste and utilize the designated bins across the site for recycling glass and tins.

Regrettably, they do not possess the necessary facilities on-site to collect and recycle plastic bottles or cardboard boxes. You can find collection points for these items in the nearby large car park next to the Tourist Information Centre. If you happen to be passing by, please consider recycling them there as well.

Energy Conservation

There is a new heating system at the Brotherswater Inn. This system, powered solely by a wood burning stove, now efficiently warms the entire ground floor of the pub, eliminating the need for an oil fired boiler.

Additionally, the Barn End Bar on the campsite benefits from a wood burning stove that aids in providing heat.

To further reduce energy consumption, Sykeside are making the switch to low energy, long-life light bulbs throughout the site. They kindly request that everyone endeavours to conserve energy whenever possible: please remember to turn off unnecessary lights and avoid leaving taps running.

Furthermore, they have purposely kept the lighting around the site to a minimum, allowing for the enjoyment of the beautiful night sky.





Driving time to Tall Bloke Adventures 9 minutes.