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Sea Kayak Connections

All things Sea Kayak related

Plus anything else that's of interest...

Kayak Mad

Mark has created a great resource for many kayaking needs. Looking for ventures abroad or a bit of kit? Kayak Mad is full of ideas.


My choice of guide boat for close to 20 years now has been Prijon.

There are other great manufacturers but I just know what I like.

They’ve been building kayaks for over 60 years, the plastic they use is 100% recyclable and is easily the strongest used in the kayak manufacturing industry.

Peak PS ( formerly Peak UK )

provide more than just buoyancy aids, but the ones they do supply are excellent.

I also use other brands to ensure a wide variety of fittings for guests.

History of kayaks

Kayaks evolved from the knowledge and skill of various people in the far north of our planet.

Pete, the owner of the Kayakhelp website has a very good article here on their origins and their development historically and geographically.

UK Sea Kayak Guidebook

An excellent resource for all sorts of information.

Tide tables, weather forecasts, sea temperatures, trip reports and more.

A ‘ go to ‘ guide if ever there was one.

Met Office

It’s a very good idea to check at least one weather forecast before venturing out on any outdoor activity.

While the Met Office is my ‘ go to ‘ when paddling on Ullswater, there are many other good choices.

For the trips, I type Patterdale into the search, but Patterdale Youth Hostel & Ullswater ( Glenridding ) work equally as well.


Very happy to suggest that you try these products.

I’ve been using them for a few decades now because they work.

Follow the advice given on the bottles and see what you think.