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Ullswater Kayaking Tour

Canoe (Kayak) in The Lake District

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Price per person

Lake District Kayaking

Ullswater is, for many people, the most beautiful of the big lakes in The Lake District. It features islands, bays & beaches, and lots of scenery.

Ullswater Kayaking Tours for Couples

What’s the activity about ? For me, a kayak tour is just a great way to spend some time. Paddling along in a beautiful place, having a chat with some really nice people about all sorts of topics. Learning from the guests about their interests. Passing on a bit of knowledge about the local area and people. All the while doing something that is naturally very healthy, physically & mentally, to do.

Ullswater Kayak tour in The Lake District, Cumbria

The beach we launch the tours from is at Glenridding Sailing Centre. It’s a very friendly place set in a lovely location.There’s no set route on the tours. It always depends on weather conditions on the day, and group ability.

Kayaking for couples in the Lake District

Sea Kayaks

We use Double ( Tandem ) Sea Kayaks for maximum comfort, dryness and stability.

A Couple kayaking on Ullswater

Group Size

Generally, either 2 or 4 guests are on each trip with myself, the guests being in double kayaks.

Very often on the trips, it’s just one couple, and me paddling along together. Having a chat while enjoying the views. The regular trips are available to be booked by up to 4 people.

If a group of 5 people would like a private booking, please email me and I’ll alter the booking system.

Two people in a small boat on Ullswater in The Lake District


Solo Bookings

Up until late April, solo bookings are purchasable. One per trip due to only one single boat being available. They begin again early September.

Quite often it’s just that one person on the trip. No guarantee of that on a regular trip though. There might be two others in a double come along as well.

If you would like to guarantee a 1 to 1 private guided tour or coaching session, please book two places. Then email me with the preference. I’ll block the other spaces off.

Solo travellers to The Lake District

Kayak or Canoe ?

A lot of people ask What’s the difference between a kayak and a canoe ? Usually a kayak has a deck to keep you drier, and you use a double bladed paddle. Many of us in Outdoor Education really don’t mind if you call them kayaks, canoes or simply boats. What we focus on is using them for an enjoyable time. The Lake District is the ideal place for doing so.

Kayak Lake District Cumbria

Weight limit ?

Guest experiences on previous trips have demonstrated that if any of the following applies, these trips are not suitable.

A BMI of 26 or over.

Weigh 102 KG (16 Stone) or over.