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Ullswater Kayaking Tour

Canoeing (Kayaking) in The Lake District

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Price per person

Lake District Kayaking

Ullswater is, for many people, the most beautiful of the big lakes in The Lake District. It features islands, bays & beaches, and lots of scenery.

What’s the activity about ? For me, a kayak tour is just a great way to spend some time. Paddling along in a beautiful place, having a chat with some really nice people about all sorts of topics. Passing on a bit of knowledge about the local area and people, learning from the guests about their interests. All the while doing something that is naturally very healthy, physically & mentally, to do.

There’s a bit of coaching involved. I love telling one of the partners that while they are good, their partner is the true ‘ Natural paddler ‘ of the duo. Always goes down well. There’s also usually a few, dry, challenges to complete along the way.

The beach we launch from is at Glenridding Sailing Centre, a very friendly place set in a lovely location.There’s no set route, that will depend on conditions and group ability.

Sea Kayaks

We use Double ( Tandem ) Sea Kayaks for maximum comfort, dryness and stability.

Outdoor Activity

If you are staying in or near the Lake District and you’re doing a local search for Activities near me, or Things to do around Ullswater, you’re in the right place.

While a capsize is very unlikely, it is always possible. With that in mind, for each person we have a maximum limit of a BMI of 26, maximum weight of 102 Kg ( 16 Stone ). See the FAQ page for more details.

Kayak or Canoe ?

A lot of people ask what’s the difference between a kayak and a canoe ? Usually a kayak has a deck and you use a double bladed paddle, however, many of us in outdoor education really don’t mind if you call them kayaks, canoes or simply boats. What we focus on is using them for an enjoyable time. The Lake District is the ideal place for doing so.