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Ullswater Kayak Tour

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Price per person Half day
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Ullswater Kayaking Tour in the Lake District

Ullswater is quite rightly considered by many to be the most beautiful of the big lakes. It features islands, beaches, and lots of scenery.

The first thing we do is sort out what’s needed for the trip. If you take a look at the FAQ page there are a lot of questions you might have answered there. This is followed by a quick brief on what to do, then it’s onto the water. There’s no set route, that will depend on conditions and group ability. We take a maximum of 4 people on a trip.

Sea Kayaks are used for maximum comfort and stability. We use double ( tandem ) boats unless there is an odd number of guests on the trip. While a capsize is very unlikely, it is always possible, so please bring spare clothes just in case you do go in.

With that in mind, for each person we have maximum limits of a BMI of 26, maximum weight of 102 Kg ( 16 Stones ) and a maximum shoe size limit of 47 ( UK 13 ). If any of these apply to you please don’t think ‘ Oh, it’ll be ok ‘. It won’t be. You will be uncomfortable, you’re more likely to capsize yourself and your partner, and you’re more likely to struggle when getting back in the boat. See the FAQ page for more details.

Please respect these limits. It is in your, and your partners, interest to do so.

Free parking is at the meeting / starting / finishing point.

The beach we launch from is at Glenridding Sailing Centre,  a very friendly, accommodating place.