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Cinque Terre

Quick Details

Each day 9.30 am – 4 pm


Price per person
Party of 5-8 People Price per person

Experience the unforgettable landscape of Cinque Terre

The Italian Riviera is a wonderful place to experience the unique landscape created thanks to the people working the land, building terraces rising up from the sea to the sky.


Day 1 

We meet on the beach at Monterosso al Mare, the first village of the Cinque Terre.

There, we’ll have a chat & a practical briefing about how things will happen on the water. Technique, group management, and safety issues will all be included.
If you imagine a sea kayak journey in Italy should involve drifting along on azure seas, enjoying soaring cliffs covered with vineyards, you will love the Cinque Terre National Park.
A short paddle from Monterosso we’ll find Vernazza. After beaching the boats we have the option to stroll through the narrow winding streets up to a vineyard to once again witness the views from on high. After this, we paddle on to Corniglia, a village perched high on it’s own cliffs. Then, it depends on conditions and group ability. We are in no rush, we either go on or we start to make our way back.

– Lunch: You can either partake of a delicious panino, a tramezzino, a gelato, all of them, or bring a packed lunch. We’re easy.

Please book your own accommodation

Day 2

We meet on the beach at Portovenere, often known as the sixth of the Five Lands because of its coloured buildings and narrow lanes with shops, restaurants, and gelaterie. Today, we’ll all have a very good idea of group ability, so then it depends on conditions as to where we explore. Bays, beaches, caves, cliffs, around the island. Some or all will be done

– Lunch: Again, either feel free to bring a packed lunch for a beach or we’ll stop somewhere. We can have a chat about options on day 1.

Please book your own accommodation