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Summers here

a group of people riding on the back of a boat

Clothing :
When it comes to summer dressing, individual comfort is paramount. Temperature perception varies greatly – while some might be fine in a simple T-shirt, others may opt for layers to accommodate fluctuating conditions.
Old trainers are great footwear for kayaking, maybe some socks for comfort ( your feet will usually stay dry ), and your choice of jogging bottoms, leggings, or shorts.
Pair them with a T-shirt and perhaps a light fleece or mid-layer for added warmth when necessary.
According to conditions, waterproof trousers can serve as a practical shield against paddle drips, while a waterproof jacket offers adaptable protection – You can decide whether to leave it in the car, bring it along in a dry bag ( I’ll lend you these ), or worn directly. Every person has a clean, dry towel, tracksuit bottoms, a fleece and a waterproof jacket in a dry bag in the kayak in addition to whatever you choose to bring.
Beanie hat & gloves ( w/proof are better than wool ) in cold weather conditions.
Sun hat ( with cord ) or cap in sunny weather. Sun glasses ( with a floating strap if you have one ) and lots of sun cream.
Ullswater Kayaking
Hydration :
On sunny days especially, it’s usually worth bringing along a drink. I provide deck bags with ice blocks in them to keep the drink cool.
a group of people in a small boat in a body of water
Traffic & Parking :
Sunny weekends get busy. Whichever way you arrive at the village of Glenridding, the final 10 or 20 minutes of drive is going to be scenic. If you come from the north, you’ll be driving along the lake, if you come from the south, you’ll be up and over Kirkstone Pass. Both ways have some narrow twisting and turning parts.
If you’re not used to driving on country lanes on a warm sunny day, it’s sometimes worth leaving yourself more time than you might think. There might be sheep in the middle of the road, there might be a bus negotiating a bend, there might be people parked on the side taking photos just where you wish they weren’t.
Parking at the centre depends on which trip you’ve chosen. Morning trips are by far the best for finding a space at the sailing centre where we meet. For afternoon & evening trips, please check on the FAQ page for details.
There are other ways around Ullswater and the rest of the Lake District, that might be worth checking out.
There are buses laid on specifically for the summer, that might be an option. Details for the Ullswater Valley here : Ullswater Bus
Glenridding ferry ( Steamer ) terminal is a 5 minute walk from the centre. The service has stops at Aira Force, Howtown & Pooley Bridge. Please check their website for times & the various routes taken.
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